clopay garage doors

Your garage door is an integral part of the look of your home. It might be a simple utility feature to some, but its outward appearance can help set the tone for your house. If you are looking to upgrade to a new door, you might want to consider finding a product made by Clopay. These doors can help you to turn a simple feature of your home into something that truly stands out.
Clopay garage doors are particularly nice because they offer a wide range of style choices and price points. Unlike the doors offered by some competitors, it is fairly simple to find a low-priced Clopay door that will actually stand up to the weather. As a bonus, Clopay is actually quite easy to find, as the brand is sold at some of the larger big box DIY retailers in the United States. This tends to drive prices down a bit, allowing buyers the chance to upgrade their doors without breaking the budget.
Of course for many, it's the price that matters more than anything. Clopay garage doors are available in most parts of the U.S., but the price really tends to vary based on a number of factors - not the least of which is the amount of stock a particular vendor has on hand. The median price for Clopay's least expensive door is around $450, with its more expensive models retailing for closer to $1400. Be warned, though - these prices are based on a national median, and the prices in your local area might be higher or lower depending on the market.

The prices above don't include installation, a process that tends to tack on a fair bit to the cost. Installation usually includes the cost of the door, but will generally run a homeowner between two and five hundred dollars for labor - this depends on the amount of work to be done, the size and style of the door, and prices in the location. Installing a garage door is actually a fairly complex job, and it is absolutely the kind of thing that needs to be farmed out to a professional - without the right help, it's very easy to cause damage to the door and to your home.

None of these costs include upgrades - add-ons like windows or lighting will cost extra, sometimes to the tune of several hundred dollars. That said, the extras do tend to add extra value to the home, much of which can be recouped upon sale. This makes Clopay a fairly good choice for those remodeling homes that will soon be on the market.

Clopay garage door prices are reasonable, and the selection of doors is relatively vast. If you are looking for a good addition to your home and don't want to break the bank, Clopay has a garage door that you can use. Take you time to look at the various styles and add-ons, and you might be able to completely change the face of your home.

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