Clopay Cypress Garage Doors

Clopay makes garage doors that last. Many homeowners and contractors recognize the name and understand Clopay garage doors are some of the best available. The Clopay Cypress garage doors offer a simpler, yet more interesting version of the sliding garage door. Those who want the look of wood will find Cypress garage doors a suitable choice.

The Cypress line of garage doors are flush installed doors made to look like real wood. However, the materials used in these garage doors is more durable and will last longer than wood doors. The finishes are designed to a way to add curb appeal to their homes. The solid construction with three layers of steel provide durability and security to homeowners and the contents of their garages. The sliding doors are easy to operate and can be used with many brands of garage door openers.

Clopay Cypress doors are constructed with either polyurethane or polystyrene insulation. The primary and outer finish layers are baked on for long wear. Ultragrain finishes available on Cypress garage doors are Medium and Walnut.

There are many advantages of buying faux wood finish doors. First, they won't rot or mildew like wood will over time. This means they will last longer without needing to be repaired or replaced. Unlike doors with a metal outer finish, the Cypress faux wood finish will help resist rust, so doors maintain their original look longer. The baked on finish also makes cleaning the outer surface of the garage doors easier.

The Cypress garage doors are designed for strength and appearance. They help to increase a home's curb appeal, by adding interest and a quality finish. The choice of two different wood grain colors allows homeowners to choose the finish that works best with the house. Garage doors an important feature of the home or garage. They should be selected to meet the specific needs of the home and homeowners. Different window configurations and options allow buyers to customize their Clopay Cypress garage doors even more. There are 23 different types of window designs homeowners can choose from.

Prices for Clopay Cypress doors typically start around $450 for basic models. Special windows or hardware features will increase the price slightly. However, the doors are a good value when the construction and style is considered. The Cypress garage doors come with a 10 year warranty on the paint finish, a five year warranty on the door itself, and a three year warranty on the hardware. Clips make removal of window panels easy, for cleaning or replacement.

Cypress garage doors with the faux wood finish give homeowners something unique to install. They are suitable for new homes and older homes alike. The wood grain look works with both modern and traditional home styles. With the two different finish colors and several window configurations homeowners can choose the best look for their home and garage. The Clopay garage doors are known for their quality construction. Wood finishes that are easy to maintain make adding some interest to the garage an easier decision for those who want doors that look like wood.

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