Clopay Grand Avante Garage Doors

Homeowners who live in contemporary styled houses can get the same quality garage doors with the Clopay Grand Avante garage doors. This line is designed for modern homes and offers something different than the standard steel doors many homeowners select. Clopay garage doors are durable and stylish for any home architecture.

Clopay Grand Avante garage doors are made of high grade aluminum and  glass. Buyers can choose which panels to order with glass or to have all aluminum panels. The framework is constructed of 2 inch thick sturdy aluminum. Both the frame and aluminum panels come in a variety of powder coated colors or faux wood grain finishes. The ultra grain faux wood is made of a composite known as ultragrain. The window panel choices include glass, acrylic, tempered glass, or insulated glass. This allows homeowners to choose the features that most fit their homes and needs in garage doors.

Clean lines are one design feature of the Grand Avante line of garage doors that work with modern home architecture. The smooth finish of glass, acrylic, or aluminum is another way to enhance the look of a home with a modern design. To add interest, some faux wood finishes are available. Some modern homes and garages may benefit from the added interest of wood grain finishes. The wood accents add interest with color and texture.

Garage doors should be functional as well as stylish and durable. The Avante garage doors slide upward like other doors and can be fitted with garage door opener systems. They are also fitted with aluminum grip color matched handles, for a clean look on the door's exterior. This line of garage doors is designed to be low maintenance. The doors come with a five year warranty on the finish while the hardware comes with a 3 year warranty.

Aluminum and trim colors for Avantage garage doors include white, bronze, brown, clear anodized, and bronze anodized. The ultra grain finishes include light cherry and dark cherry. Home owners can custom design their garage doors to an extent, by mixing panel colors and trim colors to suit their taste and their homes. The various window configuration options allow homeowners to choose the amount of natural light coming into the garage.

Prices for Clopay Grand Avante garage doors start at around $2,000. Special orders or custom configurations may cost more. The prices are in range with comparable doors made by other manufacturers. The exterior designs give modern homes a sleek, designer look that enhances a modern home's architecture.

Clopay doors are known for their quality. The styles and choices available for modern homes made customizing garage doors a simple process. Professional installation is available for those who don't want to install the selected doors themselves. DIY stores that sell Clopay garage doors offer installation. Contractors who carry Clopay doors also offer installation. Selecting the right configuration for a Grand Avante garage door can be as simple as going online and choosing the base and trim colors that best match the home's exterior.

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