Clopay Grand Harbor Garage Doors

Clopay garage doors are known for their quality and style. But some homeowners have limited budgets, even while understanding the importance of installing a quality garage door. The Clopay Grand Harbor garage doors are a stylish collection that offer homeowners several choices at a lower cost than many other options.

The Grand Harbor line of garage doors is made with the multi-layer steel walls, like other Clopay lines. Homeowners can choose to add insulation for attached garages and garages that serve as work rooms. For detached garages and garages used for simple storage, they can choose non-insulated doors. The Grand Harbor designs are simpler than other Clopay lines, but still offer homeowners the ability to enhance the home's exterior with stylish accents.

The Grand Harbor line of garage doors is designed for homeowners on a budget. However, the doors in this line don't feel or look cheap. They are made with the same quality galvanized steel as other Clopay doors. They offer clean lines and traditional styles in carriage doors. However, like the other carriage doors Clopay makes, they slide up for easier use. They can even be used with garage door openers.

Grand Harbor doors include composite overlays in a smooth finish. The overlay designs and window configuration choices give ehomeowners several options. Four paint colors give homeowners options in using matching colors on the base and overlays or using contrasting colors, to make a bolder statement. Using a lighter or darker paint color on the overlays will help the home stand out and can give it greater curb appeal when the garage is visible from the street.

Garage doors are important to protection of the home and its contents, including vehicles and other items stored in the garage. Homeowners who want less expensive doors shouldn't have to give up security or safety to have good looking, functional garage doors. Grand Harbor doors offer security and function at a lower cost than other Clopay lines. The galvanized steel layers make them strong enough to keep the garage contents secure. They will look good on a newly built home or with a more classically styled existing home.

Prices for the Grand Harbor Clopay garage doors start at around $230 for non-insulated doors and $300 for insulated doors in the standard 8 x 7 ft. size. These prices are for doors without windows. Additional hardware and window features increase the cost of Grand Harbor doors, though they are still affordable and easy on the budget. Window choices include clear, frosted, and acrylic options. All casings include removable clips so the windows can be taken out and cleaned or replaced.

Clopay garage doors are selected for their quality construction. Several product lines allow homeowners to choose styles that fit their tastes and budgets. Clopay Grand Harbor garage doors offer plenty of style for budget minded homeowners. However, they don't have to sacrifice on standard Clopay quality, as the Grand Harbor doors are constructed with multiple layers of steel and can be insulated, to increase the efficiency of heating and cooling systems.

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