garage door prices to fit anyone's budget.

Garage doors are important for gaining access to protected parking and in some cases, into the home. They can be selected for their style, to make a statement and add curb appeal to the home. They can be selected for their functionality, particularly if home owners want to install a garage door opener.

Homeowners who need new or replacement doors may compare models based on similar style. Others may consider cost above other features. It is important to remember when comparing doors, that they come in both insulated and non-insulated models. The insulated models are suitable for heated garages or for homeowners who want to make their homes more energy efficient.

Garage door prices vary with size ad style. A typical 8 X 7 or 10 X 7 door will cost around $600 to $650. Models with extra features, like more windows or decorative trim, may cost slightly more. Larger doors, such as 16 X 7, will cost around $900 in a basic model. If homeowners want something other than white or something with extra style the cost will be higher. Standard garage door prices will also vary, depending on the brand and retailer offering the doors.

Custom garage door prices are typically higher than those for standard door sizes or styles. The extra cost covers the customization. If the custom door requires the garage to be retrofitted, the cost for installation will also be higher. Contractors and home improvement stores often allow customers to choose their own design and select the styles they think will look best with their homes.

Lowes has excellent selections that will work with those on a limited budget. Lowes garage door prices, like $510 for a Pella traditional 8 X 7 model with windows, represent a great buy for those who don't have alot to spend on doors. A 16 X 7 plain door can be purchased for as low as $542. The same 16 X 7 in a carriage house style is priced at $1,082. Pella is a trusted brand in original and replacement doors and windows, which many homeowners are familiar with.

Home Depot garage door prices are also very reasonable. A traditional simple 8 x 7 style with no insulation can be purchased for just under $500. For under $190, a garage door opener can be added. This is a good deal for those who want function but don't have a huge budget. Home Depot carries brands like Martin and and Clopay. A simple 16 X 7 Clopay model with no windows, in five different color choices, is priced at $569 and represents a good value for those who want more for their money. The Clopay brand offers many door styles and window choices.

Another store that carries garage doors is Menards. The store also has models for narrow garage door openings. A simple 9 X 7 model in almond can be purchased for $281. Menards garage door prices are some of the lowest among the retailers offering such products. Many sizes and models are available at similarly low prices. Menards carries brands like Ideal and Arch wood carriage doors, made of hemlock wood. Arch doors offer additional style and choice for homeowners. Wood doors may be suitable for cottage and cabin style homes. They are also suitable for homes with wood trim and shutters. The wood door does not overwhelm the house and helps improve curb appeal for homeowners and potential buyers. Menards also allows customers to build their own doors and customize the features they want.

Overhead garage door prices offer homeowners plenty of choice, regardless of the style or color choice preferred. Before comparing brands and prices, homeowners should decide which styles they like, which models will add interest to their homes, and which models with bring out the best features of their home.

Overhead garage doors typically cost much less than carriage door styles. The offer the best value for the money through nearly all retailers. However, there are times when carriage doors may be the only option or the best choice, due to the design of the garage or the style of the home.

Garage door prices vary from one manufacturer to another or among the different retailers. Bargain prices are available through most home improvement stores that sell garage doors. Many home improvement retailers provide customization services, so homeowners can design their own doors in the store or online. Home improvement stores also offer installation of doors, if needed.

Garage doors are an important feature of any home and should be selected carefully, even when the budget is limited. Other features to consider are warranty length and construction. Many brands will be made of similar materials, though some brands may be built slightly different than others or use newer types of materials in construction. Garage doors are as personal to a home and its owners as windows, shutters, and the front door entry.

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