Single Car Garage Dimensions

An average single car garage will have the dimensions of 12 feet width X 22 feet length (264 square footage), but 14 feet wide is recommended for the ease of opening up your car doors.

Knowing the square footage your home desires will help in determining what else can be stored in the garage with your car. Most homeowner's need to store their lawn mowers and tools in the garage, as well, so working with your contractor on what will be the most beneficial and budget friendly options will make this process much easier.


The question answers itself, really. A single car garage dimensions is just big enough to fit one car and not much else. Even swinging open your car door is a risky move, you may have to tread lightly and pull off the same maneuver you do at public parking spots. This is why, as mentioned earlier, that we recommended adding a little bit more width to your garage. Try using the dimensions 14 x 28, 16 x 20, and or 18 x 36. These dimensions will still keep you in the single car garage range, but with less anxiety about getting into such a tight area.


Permits. Consult with a building inspector before the construction of your garage commences, you will need to check with code enforcement and get your application for them accepted, and the permit issued by your local authority, there are a number of documents that you will need to organize and present to the building department in order to get the garage building permits issued so that you can legally carry on with building a garage.


This number can change depending on a few factors, will there be an attached door that leads to the inside of your home? Will this garage have windows? Are you going to need proper ventilation if this garage will be used as a workshop or laundry room instead of housing your car.

Typically, the price you're looking at is $35 - $45 per square footage. For a 240 square foot garage, you're looking at spending $8400 - $10,800 not including lighting, ventilation and any extra shelving. Cost for the actual garage plans can run from a measly $20 and up to a hefty $200, and the building permits are generally cheap to get, but depending on how elaborate of a design, you may have to fork up a little more.

Remember, having a garage is suppose to make your home life easier, plan accordingly, and this process should go smoothly.

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