Typical Garage Dimensions

It's time to start using garages for what they are intended for. Not weekend garage sales, and not for broken lawn decorations. Sure, you can have that annual garage sale as part of your spring cleaning or making some extra cash from items not used anymore, but leave room for its main purpose, YOUR CAR.

Too many times (my mother included) I find people using their garages for inexpensive "stuff" because they have no place else to store it, yet their expensive (even if it's a beat down car, still takes precedence over broken reindeer ornament) car sits out in the driveway exposed to nature's harsh elements or much worse, thieves.


A typical single car garage size will have the dimensions of 12 feet width X 22 feet length (264 square footage), but 14 feet wide is recommended for the ease of opening up your car doors.

2-car garage dimensions is going to be 24 x 24

3-car garage is a minimum of 30 x 20


Single Car Garage- Typically, the price you’re looking at is $35 – $45 per square footage. For a 240 square foot garage, you’re looking at spending $8400 – $10,800 not including lighting, ventilation and any extra shelving.

Two Car Garage- $30 – $50 per square foot $12,000 to $20,000

Three Car Garage- For the minimum 30 x 20, you’re looking at $14,000


Are you wanting a detached or attached garage? This can change the price, an attached garage will  not be as costly as a detached because it entails less work with one wall already standing.

Also, if you're wanting a detached garage, are you wanting a new driveway made up? All of this and more need to be considered before a set price can be given and a professional contractor can assist you with this.


An attic uses approximately 2500 square feet. It will need to be properly insulated to avoid mold and future roof damage. If you already have the space and just wanting to close up space you still need to ventilate, the simplest way of doing this would be to add blow-in insulation, a ridge vent, and proper intake vents.

The cost for attic insulation for a add-on will run $400 - $1800 or even higher, $1.50 - $3.50 square foot. To install stairs, you are looking at approx. $650 for a professional and approx $200 if this will be a DIY project.


Before you have your garage built, or attic added consult with a building inspector before the construction of your garage commences, you will need to check with code enforcement and get your application for them accepted, and the permit issued by your local authority, there are a number of documents that you will need to organize and present to the building department in order to get the garage building permits issued so that you can legally carry on with building a garage.

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