A garage is a marvelous convenience, allowing home owners to store cars, bicycles, and power tools securely. They provide extra insulation to a building and sometimes a place for the dog to sleep when his kennel is too cold or hot. Remote door openers make life easier when you just want to get out of (or stay out of) bad weather and carry on with the day's tasks, especially if children are clamoring to get inside and the day is stormy or cold. Automatic, remote opening systems add an extra cost to your garage door system, which is usually more than the initial price of buying a product.

Genie Garage Door Motor Types Explained:

Select an AC motor or a DC motor, first of all. Genie's DC type is quieter than their AC motors, but the real noise comes from what sort of mechanism the door opener utilizes. There are three: belt drive, chain drive, and direct screw. Chain drives are relatively noisy; a belt drive might be quieter. Several of their systems come with security features and a safety beam that tells the motor to stop moving if the beam is interrupted. You will feel a sense of relief knowing your child or dog won't get crushed and injured or worse by a speedily moving door. Genie doors move quickly: from 7" to 12" per second.

Genie makes several models like the ReliaG, IntelliG, GPower, and TriloG. This last one is among their most expensive, but in comparison to some other brands, the initial price is not too bad. Between their cheapest models (in the ReliaG category) for 7' residential products and their highest-priced ones, you see a difference of around $70 to $90, depending on the retailer. You can expect to pay about $140 for a ReliaG ½ HP chain drive opener. The TriloG 1500 1 HP screw drive 140V Super Quiet DC opener is priced around $240.

Add an extension to handle 8' doors and possibly a backup battery pack (costing around $68). The kit comes with a lot of accessories like a wireless key pad, key fobs, and two remote controls.

Genie Garage Door Prices

What is the real price of installing openers from Genie Garage Doors? The company manufactures several types of openers, so you will have to browse shops. Genie's website leads you to numerous dealers, breaking them down according to residential and commercial sales people and businesses able to provide professional installation services. Unless you are an electrician or professional mechanic with technical skills and tools, commercial doors will almost always need to be professionally installed. Where homeowners are concerned, you will just need to be honest about your DIY abilities. Trying to do it yourself and making mistakes is costlier in the long run than hiring professionals.

The cost of installation starts at roughly $250 but can end up being over $400 for larger doors with more complex parts.

Genie Overall

I like that Genie offers many choices at several prices. It's also nice to know that they supply instructions so that, if I feel confident, I can save money with self-installation.

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