Lowes garage doors

Having a fully functional garage is important for many reasons. One important reason is if you have a garage that has a broken door, it could jeopardize security. Additionally, a broken garage door could pose a danger to anyone who occupies the garage. Luckily, a broken garage door is often an easy fix. If you need to totally replace your garage door, then you may be confused about what kind to purchase. Many people have had luck with Lowes garage doors.

What types of doors does Lowe's carry?

Lowe's carries a variety of garage door choices. You can choose from carriage style, or traditional. Pella is the predominant brand carried by Lowe's, and you can opt for a single or double garage door, whichever will best fit your garage.

What are Lowes garage door prices?

The prices of garage doors at Lowe's varies, depending on what you're looking for. For Pella carriage style double garage doors with insulation, you're looking at paying $656.60. Here are some prices of other choices:

• Pella Traditional single garage door with windows - $755.88
• Pella Traditional double garage door with windows - $1,081.60
• Pella Carriage House series -- white garage door - $540.60
• Pella Carriage House series -- white double doors - $611.50

Installation costs

If you would feel more comfortable allowing a professional to install your garage door, then you certainly have that option. The approximate costs to allow a professional installer to replace your garage door will vary depending on where you live. However, prices will start at about $119 for basic installation. If you need something additional, then you will be charged accordingly.

Does Lowes offer any other options? Are there additional costs?

You have the option of purchase one of many garage door accessories. Your installer may assist you with these extras, however, there will be an additional cost that will be quoted to you at the time.

Where can you buy them?

You can purchase Lowes garage doors from Lowes Home Improvement. If you prefer not to go into a local store, or if you live too far from the nearest store, then you can also order your new garage door online. It will be delivered right to your front door.

What I like about Lowes Garage doors?

There are many things that I like about Lowe's garage doors. I currently have the carriage style door on my garage. I chose this one because I thought it was more attractive. Not only does it make the entire exterior of my home look great, but it is very durable and long-lasting. It's easy to open and close, and it's not very noisy.

So, now that you have learned all about Lowe's garage doors, you can choose the replacement door that works best for you. If you want something somewhat fancy, then you might want to choose carriage style. However, if you merely use your garage as a workshop and you're not concerned about having a stylish door, then you could choose traditional or a similar choice.

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