When it comes time to replace that old garage door, or if you are building a new house and starting from scratch, there are a lot of things to consider. You want a good garage door, but you also want something within your budge. With Menards garage doors, you can find anything and everything you need.

What types Garage doors do Menards carry?

Menards carries a wide range of garage doors. You can find both residential and commercial garage doors as well as doors that roll up and fit many sizes of barns and sheds. You can get a variety of insulations, sizes, door ratings, and more. You can also look at accessories for garage doors if your old door just needs a new opener or you want to add a remote. You can even find mouldings, parts and accessories, and frames for garage doors.

As far as brands go, Menards carries a variety there too. Every major brand that you might want is available for order.

How much does it cost?

How much a garage door costs relies heavily on what aspects you want to include in the door. However, Menards garage door prices are some of the best on the market. A relatively standard 9 foot by 7 foot door from Ideal is $509.52, for example. If you need a longer door at 16 foot by 7 foot and you want to include some insulation, the price goes up to $868.62,

Commercial garage doors cost more because they are generally much larger. They often are doors you can lift on your own so they are lightweight as well. The Ideal 10 foot by 10 foot white door that is insulated, but lightweight starts at 1,025.04. There are also much longer doors at 24 foot by 15 foot that cost $2308.52.

Again, what you want and need in a door will help determine the cost, but at least you have an idea of a few prices to help you get started.

What does garage door installation cost?

Garage door installation also depends on the garage door you get because some will take longer to install than others. It will take, on average, 6 hours to install a door. A low price for the installation would be $179 and a high price would be $336. But you are looking at something in that range for full installation. You may also see parts, materials, and supplies on your bill and that price should be int he $30 range.

Garage Door Company offers

You will want to keep an eye on the garage door company for extra charges. It's possible you may just get the door in the initial purchase and you will also have to purchase parts for installation such as remotes or other items. Read through everything they include and make sure you are okay with the prices and extras. It is also good to buy the Menards garage doors because everything you need is at the same store.

Finding the right garage door can take some time and effort, but doing the research will help you get the door you need. In the end, it will be worth it.

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