Clopay Coachman Garage Doors

Clopay garage doors

Garage doors are an important feature of any home. Whether the style is contemporary or more classic, Clopay garage doors offer something to enhance the home's exterior. Garage doors serve the function of protecting vehicles and other belongings. … more

Clopay Canyon Ridge Garage Doors

Clopay garage doors do more than protect cars, trucks, SUVs, lawn care tools, and sporting gear. They add style to a home. Garage doors also serve as an additional entry. Therefore, they must be sturdy. But, while they protect homeowners and their … more

Amarr Olympus garage doors

If you are looking at a variety of garage door companies to replace your garage door, you should focus on Amarr garage doors. Even within the Amarr company, there are many different lines of doors. The Amarr Olympus garage doors have many different … more

Amarr Stratford Garage Doors

You may think that all garage doors are the same, but that is most certainly not the case. Amarr garage doors have over 300 different doors from which to choose with a number of features and options. If you have a young family or live somewhere that … more

Garage Dimensions

Garages come in all sizes for commercial and residential use. However, garage door dimensions are fairly uniform, depending on the type of use they will be required to accommodate. So your garage dimension itself matters little in determining the … more

Amarr Lincoln Garage Doors

If you are trying to find the right garage door for your home, you have a lot of options. Even Amarr garage doors give you plenty of options. If you want to look at just one section to make it easier, try the Amarr Lincoln garage doors. Amarr Garage … more

Amarr Heritage Garage Doors

When you are looking for the perfect garage door to replace an older door or to put into a new home or building, you might get confused by all of the different brands and specifications. Instead of trying to look at them all, choose one good brand … more

RV Garage Door Sizes

Purchasing an RV is usually a happy event; however, because it is an important investment, it needs an Rv garage that will protect it from the elements when it is not being used. Rv garages not only protect your investment, but also extend the life … more

Double garage door sizes

double garage door sizes to fit anyone's needs

Standard double garage door sizes must be big enough to accommodate two regular sized cars and have an adequate amount of space to provide storage for the members of the household. Standard 2 car garage sizes have a width of 20, 18, 16, 15½, 15, 14 … more

Standard Single Garage Door Sizes

Standard single garage door sizes are somewhat of a myth. For instance, new 7x7 ft garage doors might be unsuitable for sub-frames of older 7x7 ft garage doors. This is due to advancements in operating gears and metrication. Typically, a standard … more