Garage doors are not just devices to keep vehicles and lawn equipment dry. They can add to the style or curb appeal of the home, if the right doors are installed. Garages often serve as an additional entry into the home. So, they fit well to provide an added layer of security. Raynor garage doors come in many standard sizes and styles, to enhance the style and function of the home's garage. Raynor also offers a few customized models in its Distinctions series.

Distinctions Series: Customizable

There are two main styles in the Distinctions series. The Rock Creeke is an insulated double steel model with decorative molding on the exterior. This model can also be made with stylish windows of the desired shape. The Style View collection is made of durable aluminum and can be fitted with architectural glass.

Innovation Series

The Innovation series is a collection of steel garage doors with polyurethane insulation. The styles in this series range from ultra-modern to classic doors. Some models can be ordered with the appearance of carriage doors. Whether a homeowner prefers plain or ornate, there is something for every home in this series.

Traditional Series

Within the traditional series are garage doors of double wall construction with polystyrene insulation. The Masterpiece features double wall steel with insulation and attractive panels. The model is guaranteed to last and not to rust for the time the homeowner lives in the home. The Showcase model is made to look like carriage doors. It also features galvanized steel hinges and hardware in a black powder coated finish. This model is suited to a traditional or older styled home.

Advantage Series

The Advantage Series features the TradeMark and BuildMark model doors of steel pan. They can be ordered with colonial or ranch style panels and windows. Both models can also be ordered in the carriage style.

Many of the Raynor garage doors come in up to 1,800 Sherwin Williams paint colors, so they can be coordinated with the home. Many models are guaranteed to last for the life of the home. The prices of the doors range from the low to high end, depending on the model. A standard BuildMark door will start at around $295. Installation of a new door in a new construction home will cost $355. For a replacement door, the cost with installation is $442. Raynor garage door prices and installation are reasonable for homeowners, even with a limited budget.

Raynor doors are available through online stores. They are also readily available through home improvement stores and major retailers. The prices listed above may vary from one region to another, particularly if installation is included. However, with the guarantee and features, homeowners can't go wrong in choosing Raynor doors.

Many models can last as long as the home without needing to be replaced. There are so many styles it may be difficult to choose. Stylish doors with detail can help add curb appeal to a home. Carriage door styles give the home a more traditional look, regardless of when it was built. The color choices are extensive for many models. Give Raynor doors some consideration when shopping for garage doors. They can be installed and fitted with many standard types of openers, which insulated or non-insulated.

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