Reliabilt Garage Doors – Openers and Accessories

When shopping around for a new garage, the door panel and accessories go hand and hand. You wouldn't buy sneakers without the laces, right?

Reliabilt Garage Doors has a vast array of highly reviewed accessories; such as, door openers, sensor guard, roll out garage flooring; air screens, etc.


Lift Master Model 8500

Direct Drive Model - Special wall-mount design offers a cleaner look, discharging the garage ceiling of dangling operator, rails, chains or belts, and while opening up extra storage and space.

Ideal for homes that have rooms above their garages.

What I really like about this model is that you're able to control where the light goes with its own remote light, and not only that, here's the kicker, this model allows you to monitor and operate your house lights and garage doors by using your own smart phone and computer--how's that for techno convenience?


There are quite a few belt drives to choose from, so I will just summarize for you what each one entails with a band together description.

Lift Master Models - It's energy efficient using 75% less power while in standby mode. Like the Direct Drive Model, they are also equipped to be control and monitor your house lights and garage door with the use of a smartphone or a computer with its MyQ Technology.

Linear Models - Design is Eco friendly with the use of DC-power and powered to have a smooth smart and soft stop. The linear models also use noise reduction technology so that the noise vibrations don't carry all through your home.

Out of each type of Model designs, I like the convenience that the Lift Master Models bring, the use of a smartphone to control my home and garage is something that would make my life easier and utility bill cheaper. Ever find yourself pulling out of the driveway remembering you forgot to turn off the lights? I'm liking the smartphone usage.


Lift Master Model - With use of the MVIS (Motor Vibration Isolation System), it produces a quiet, smooth operation. Consumes 75% less power while in standby mode. It receives maximum support by its I-beam rail system, reinforced chassis and chain drive. The 3/4 HP motor with chain drive is designed to produce the highest level of power to lift the heaviest doors including carriage house and solid wood. Most of the Lift Master Models come equipped with the MyQ technology controlling system as mention previously. Again, Lift Master is getting my vote in comparison to its linear Model.


Linear Model - Out of all the Linear models , the Model LCO75 3/4 HP Deluxe Dual Lamp Garage Door Operator is Linear's most powerful door operator , thus far. It can be used in both residential and lightly-operated commercial buildings. Also comes with its noise reduction technology so the noise won't carry through your home. This model is comes designed with a Motor thermal overload protection.


There's currently just one make of this brand

Lift master 3240 Series - It is built to withstand both cold and warm climates with optimal performance. This model uses the MVIS system (Motor Vibration Isolation System) for quiet operation. Backed with a lifetime motor warranty.


The sensor guard is Eco friendly as it comes from recycled, strong, and resilient plastic.

Before I bought a sensor guard, things like my kid's bike, or miscellaneous objects would inadvertently hinder the photo eye sensor to my garage. The sensor guard protects the photo eye-sensor from this misalignment.


This product is an amazing additive to any garage that deals with oil leaks from an older car, battery acid, anti-freeze and grease spills. The roll out screen is protected with a formulated polyvinyl. It acts as a moisture barrier, wile hiding unsightly cracks and stains on the garage cement. The screen comes in coin, ribbed, diamond and levant tread patterns. it also comes with a large variety of colors, including brick red.


Not the most important of accessories, but it brings a little added luxury if you're one of those types that enjoy sitting out in your garage with music playing and a glass (or three) of wine. The use of the model AIRSCREENS provides optimal protection from the pesky summer bugs and any other creepy insect that ruins the ambience you are trying to achieve.

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